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By: New Era Players
By: New Era Players

Writing is my passion, I have a decade behind me in writing projects of all types. I have 13 published print articles and two published online blogs with LatinTRENDS. I have proofread, edited and translated tons of literature, as well. I have an extensive background in business communication and coaching, social media and writing. I have coached many businesses in the communication aspect for the restaurant, entertainment, retail and office management for operational purposes. You can call me a "Rescue Consultant". I can pretty much do many things or anything and some of those things may require some direction. I am a self-starter in all things technology, a passion to have more knowledge truly precedes me. I love to be ahead of the game in all the areas I entertain. I believe and live by Ghandi's Motto - "Be the change, you want to see in this world".

Aside from my personal publications, our services are truly about how can we help you get your voice heard, albeit through your artistic works, your voice verbatim and your craft. Individuals and artists are randomly selected, however everyone is free to contact us, using the contact page and send us a request for publishing you, your work, and/or your purpose. For more information about the exact type of services we do, please continue to read further.

Description of Services:

We write about you, (the individual/artist) and share it with #thrc social network and build your online presence.

Interview you (the individual/artist) and share your video with #thrc social network.

Mention you (the individual/artist) on #thrc SoundCloud Podcast and share it with our global network.

Publish your artistic works on The Hudson River Chronicles and voice your passion.

We offer limitless services, and for an extension beyond that there are fees to consider.

We can offer a free quote contingent upon a case by case scenario. For a free quote please contact us and see how we can build your online presence...

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