Be Different

Be different and let us help you
stand out from all the rest
by letting your voice and
artistic works come to life.

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Welcome to The Hudson River Chronicles.  My name is Carmen Ledesma and I am extremely happy to tell you that here @thrc your voice matters.  The Hudson River Chronicles is a place where we believe anything is possible.  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to create this platform for any individual building their craft, for the underground artist and my personal publications.  We here at #thrc are so proud to help individuals/artists voices' come to life.  All "we" can say is, "Thank you"!

Four years ago, as a need for my graduate program #thrc focused on using this platform to publish my educational works, I have moved past that.  Our plan is to have a place where creative people like yourselves will be heard and be able to share your talents/craft.  We are happy to make that happen for you.  #thrc is not a tabloid style platform, but it is a place for the underground artist and individual that is passionate about their work.  Be different and let us help you.

We invite you to continue to check-in for updates. Please feel free to subscribe so that the updates will go directly in your inbox. Don't worry about spam mail; I am working on publishing items once or twice a month. For now, please use the sign-up page for subscription.

Thank you!
Carmen Ledesma

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