First Kiss

First Kiss

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Published on March 10, 2014

Project: they asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time…

Social science project… Watch the video without judgement and any prejudices. Watch without negative thoughts and capture what is truly happening front of you. Just pay attention to their reaction, composure, disposition and their demeanor. There is something captivating about this video and for me it’s human nature. While they maybe actors, they can not pull this off without adding some humanity to the task. You can watch the video over and over and see that these people are not just some actors acting their way into a script. This is an improvisation. They were given instructions, each person carries out the set of instructions based on their humanness. Everything that makes each and everyone of them unique in their essence. This is about first impressions, being a bit fearful but without judgement, not allowing that fear to paralyze them. Allowing to flow with the wave of the moment, being curious about the person in front of you, and enjoying the seconds as it intensifies. Being in the moment, without any interruptions. Truly engaged in the moment with each other and although the camera is watching, they are in tuned with one another.  What do you think?

Perhaps, being mindful of every minute that encompasses our lives, we could for the most part experience a state of euphoria, second by second and minute by minute. Watch what happens in your lives.

Film presented by WREN

Music by Soko “We Might Be Dead Tomorrow”

Header Image by: Matheus Ferrero