Racism Overkill at the Oscars

2016 The Oscars

2016 The Oscars

Rhetorical Commentary

What in the world was that? Did we really need to add a racism theme to the Oscars? The racism theme ruined the allure and glamour of the Oscars. No one is arguing that racism doesn’t exist for we all know it does. However, the Oscars is no place for it. The Oscars was so beautiful and everyone looked especially wonderful. There is no place for the race card at the Oscars, so many darn times! We understand the protest was about the lack of African-Americans being nominated for the Oscars. Truth is if you want more Oscars nominations for the African-Americans, then we should have more Black History scripts being written, where are they? Are you all just leaving it up to Tyler Perry? Why should he be the only African-American writer in Hollywood? How many stories are we going to write about the injustices of the Black History? The injustices on slavery, the rapes, the war on segregation and everything under the sun the African-American heritage has endured. As we continue to highlight these cruel moments in Black History, this is the only thing that will make us relevant, the injustices that “we” may all have endured. There are some truly great stories about the Black History that has not been written, where are those stories? If you want an Oscar nomination because of your culture, then please write the script.

Another point, let’s stop highlighting the obvious; African-American, Latino American, Asian American, Arab American and the list goes on and on. We have come to a point in society where we are all a melting pot. I do not believe by any chance that people walk around saying, hello, my name is Jane Doe, and I am a heterosexual Latina. I do not for one second understand, what is all the extra detail for? There is no racism in Hollywood to the extreme where the entire Oscars had to highlight the issue. This is more about people keeping the fire on racism alive, about them feeling themselves watered-down by the American culture that they have to remind themselves where they come from. Is that possible? Is it also possible, that the war on racism is kept alive by those who are racist themselves and thrive on claiming injustices around them? Just regular people, whom in all their greatness, always seem to focus on the negative, is that possible?

We, as Americans are such a huge melting pot, where Americans everywhere come from all over the map. Yes, we have diversity and it is beautiful and yes, we have differences and that too, is extremely powerful and extraordinary. However, as Americans we are the same and we blend in the same, we strive for the same success and we fight for our very own survival. Power to the melting pot and do the American challenge where we turn our backs on racism and stop using the race card for every scenario. Bringing up the topic of racism at the Oscars even with all its splendor and glamour, made it cheap, petty and irrelevant. Not something I was looking forward to hearing about at every turn.

I hope that some people can rise above the problem and work on a solution, because as Americans we are growing by the numbers and truly where you come from is just an ingredient, not everything that you are. In hindsight, there is more to you than where you come from and how you have suffered.